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Restaurant Review: Chimara Feel Good Kitchen

Since I became a vegetarian nearly 3 years ago, I have cut out most fast food restaurants out of my regular diet since I’m typically limited to fries and a shake. But Chimara Feel Good Kitchen has nailed it and I wish I could bring them with me wherever I go.

Located on the 4th floor of the Greenbelt Mall, it wasn’t too difficult to find the place. Their menu is simplistic and not overwhelming. You can choose between four hot dishes or four cold dishes. And each one you can decide if you want as a wrap or a salad.

With the heat index well above 100+ degrees outside, I opted for one of the cold dishes and chose the sesame tofu salad along with an I AM WISE smoothie.

The salad came with a side of dressing and was surrounded by 4 homemade tofu chips. I had never heard imagined of tofu chips before. Like tofu itself, they taste a bit bland with no flavor. I just dipped mine in some of the dressing and that seemed to do the trick. The salad itself was pretty tasty and healthy looking. I did wish it was just a little bit cooler, but I know the Manila heat takes that away from most cold things pretty quickly, even if you are inside.

I think my absolute favorite part of the meal was my I AM WISE smoothie. It’s mix of mango, apple, and tomato. It goes perfectly together. And it was so nice and refreshing. I tried so hard not to drink it all in one gulp.

Would I be back? Absolutely.


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