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#FriendsDayWednesday: Meet Toby

Every Wednesday, I’m going to introduce you to someone I met from my travels. Being that this is my first ‘FriendsDay Wednesday,' I’m going to start with one of the first friends I made on my world tour.

This is Toby. We met at Namaskar, a vegetarian restaurant, in Puerto Princesa, Philippines.

Originally from New Zealand, Toby runs an online organization that helps promote eco-tourism. For him, it’s easier and cheaper to travel while working, instead of staying home. He told me, he usually spends a few months out of the year in New Zealand, but he’s mostly abroad.

The Philippines isn’t the best place to be a vegetarian (or vegan, in Toby’s case), but with only a handful of restaurants to choose from in Puerto Princesa, we often found each other during meals and hung out a few times.

He was a great resource to have about Palawan (the island we were on), even telling me about Port Barton, a hard to get to small town with limited electricity and no wifi.

Overall, he is a great guy and a great friend! I feel so lucky to have met someone who reassured me that my trip was going to be worthwhile!

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