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  • Where are you right now?
    I'm constantly on the move, but I try to update this site as much as I can. You can see my current location on the homepage, and you can also check out my itinerary to see where I'm heading soon.
  • Let me get this straight. You quit your job as a tv reporter to travel the world? How did you decide to do that?
    Yup! It's a true story (see what i did there? haha). Don't get me wrong, being a tv news reporter and anchor was certainly a dream come true. But after going through a rough part of my life, I did a lot of self-reflection and thought about am I living my best life? What other dreams and goals do I want to accomplish? Exploring the world kept coming up. So then one day, I asked myself, "What do I have to lose?" The answer was nothing. So here I am.
  • How much is your trip costing you? And how are you paying for it?
    This may be the most asked question. First, lets start with how much? Honest answer: I don't know. But I learned a long ago that travel is only as expensive as you make it. What do I mean by that? For me, I don't need to stay at an expensive luxurious resort if I'm only in a place overnight. I can stay at hostels, couch surf, and find other ways to stick to a budget. I want to be able to stretch my money as far as it'll go, so I can travel for as long as possible. Now to how I'm funding myself. Fortunately for me, I'm naturally a saver. I always have been. I don't like to spend money unless it's on travel, food, or experiences. So while I have always had a growing saving account, when I decided to embark on my world tour, I cut back on my spending even more. I only spent money on the necessities, and even then I tried ways to save money (like sticking with store brand products, and buying in bulk). In an effort to keep my savings account growing, I'm finding ways to bring in an additional income while traveling. Ways I'm working on doing that is through my blog and freelance opportunities.
  • What have you packed to take with you?
    Great question. I've packed all my belongings into 2 backpacks. One which is primarly for my clothes, and the other is for my cameras, laptops, etc. You check check out everything in this blog post.
  • Where is your favorite place that you've ever visited?
    That's tough. There's something special about a lot of places. I'll narrow it down to 5 of my favorites. Peru: I loved the entire country from the people to the food to the scenery, but the hike between Aguas Caliente and Machu Picchu sticks out in my mind. There is an incredible energy you can feel as you are working your way up the mountain side. It's a feeling I've not felt anywhere else in the world. The Southern Oregon Coast, USA: It is by far one of the most mystical places I've ever been. Seaside cliffs and rock formations just off shore provide for amazing backdrops. While it's often too cold to go into the water, there are plenty of viewpoints that will keep you busy. I should say I love the entire Oregon coast, but the Southern part is where my heart is. Paris: I've been lucky enough to have visited Paris a couple of times, and my apppreciation for the city grows all the time. It truely is a city that never sleeps, is full of romance, and is just simply one of the greatest cities in the world. St. Thomas, USVI: I've only been once during a cruise in 2014. But it quickly stole my heart. The calm, crystal clear waters and treefilled hillsides that surround Magen's Bay is the definition of what relaxation should look like. On the otherside of the island, the view from Blackbeard's Castle defines the carribeans to me. It truely is a real paradise. Montana, USA: Big Sky Country. I never understood that nickname until I went to Montana. The sky just seems to be bigger here. My trip here took me to Glacier National Park. Unfortunely for me, fog was pretty heavy when I visited, but it still made for an incredible trip. The entire state has some of the most beautiful landscape that I've ever seen.
  • Which country do you really want to visit?
    This is super tough, because I want to visit all the countries in the world during my life. But I have 2 that really stand out. 1. New Zealand: This is probablly the first country I ever wanted to visit, all thanks to my 2nd grade teacher. She had done some student teaching there, and taught our class all about the country. I was immediately hooked and interested. But for some reason, I haven't yet been. Hopefully, I'll be able to cross it off my list soon. 2. India: I'm really looking forward to when I travel to India. The food, the people, the colors, I feel like this may be where I get one of the biggest culture shocks of my life.

Don't see the question or answer your looking for? Send me an e-mail. I'll try to answer it as best I can and add it to the list. 

Thanks for the question!

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