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Kyle's Video Series

Kyle has embraced solo traveling but gets some company while in Bali.

Kyle's in Central Java in Indonesia visiting the historic temples of Borobudur and Prambanan.

It's the first stop in Indonesia. Kyle explores the mountainside town of Lembang and gets asked to take nearly 100 selfies with the locals.

Escaping the urban jungle of Singapore, Kyle heads into the real jungle in this small country to hike the Southern Ridges Trail. He also checks out Paw Har Villa, a unique park like no other.

Singapore is a modern city in the middle of Southeast Asia. And like a lot of cities, it really comes to life at night. 

The adventure continues as Kyle explores his third country around the world, Singapore.

Kyle spent nearly a month in Malaysia and loved his time. Watch some of his favorite moments!

Malacca, it's one of the hot spots in Malaysia and it's Kyle's final stop in the country. He checks out the historic downtown area before heading out to a man-made desert.

It's located in one of the highest parts of Malaysia and it does not disappoint. The rolling green tea plantations in Cameron Highlands is something that should be on everyone's travel bucketlist. 

It wasn't the easiest place in Malaysia to be a vegetarian, but when all else fails, find the best dessert you can! This is what Ipoh was all about for Kyle.

Kyle discovers the streets of George Town which has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It's time to venture outside of Kuala Lumpur, at least for a little bit. Kyle visits Batu Caves, and then heads back to the city to explore the area around the botanical gardens. 

Kyle gets his second stamp in his passport on his trip around the world. Visiting the capital of Malaysia, Kyle visits the Patronas Towers along with other sites in Kuala Lumpur.

Episode 11: One Month In The Philippines, My Favorite Parts

Kyle spent just about a month in the Philippines. Relive some of his favorite moments in this video.

Episode 10: Adventures in Boracay

It's been called one of the most beautiful islands in the world and Kyle explores the island in this montage.

Episode 9: History Dance Party In Cebu

Filled with history, Kyle explores the sites of Cebu City but it wouldn't be fun if there wasn't a little music or dancing involved. Right?

Episode 8: 3 Days in Port Barton

Imagine going to a place with electricity available only 3 hours of the day, no wifi, and practically no roads. Kyle does just that, spending 3 days in the remote down of Port Barton.

Episode 7: Island Hopping In El Nido

There are more than 7,000 islands in the Philippines, and now Kyle has crossed off a couple more thanks to an Island hopping adventure he won't forget.

Episode 6: Palawan Underground River Tour

Kyle checks out one of the biggest tourist attractions in Palawan and soars to new heights while he's at it. 

Episode 5: A Day In Puerto Princesa

Escaping the heat of Manila, Kyle heads to Puerto Princesa on the island of Palawan and makes some new friends.

Episode 4: Rocking Out In Manila

It's Kyle's first stop on his world tour. Things get off to a little bit of a rocky start in the Pearl of the Orient. 

Episode 3: And The Journey Begins

Kyle takes the first step in his trip around the world and it takes nearly 24 hours to get there. Take the journey with him in just 12 minutes!

Episode 2: Packing For
Indefinite Travel

With just days to go until his flight to the Philippines, Kyle's packing up his backpack.

With no idea how long he'll be gone, what is he taking with him? Watch to find out.

Episode 1: Hello World! I Quit My Job To Travel The World

It's Kyle's first video! Before he heads out on his world tour, he introduces himself and talks about quitting his dream career for a life of travel.

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