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The Philippines

Manila Street

An overview of A. Bonifacio St. in Manila's Makati neighborhood.

Skyscrapers over Makati

Makati is a fast growing part of Manila, and is considered to be the commercial hub of the metro area.


A beautiful street next to the Pasig River. What you can't tell is how hot it was.

"Make It Happen. Make it Makati"

Makati is the section of Metro Manila where I stayed. I saw this and thought it reflected my thoughts for starting this trip!

Courtyard at Greenbelt Mall

Filipino's love their malls. They are also very religious. So there is a church in the middle of the courtyard at the Greenbelt Mall.

"Give me a break"

Found the Kit-Kat Bar Bench, so I took a break. Unfortunately, I couldn't eat it.

Awesome View

This is the view from my hotel in Puerto Princesa.

That Water Tho

This is another view from my hotel in Puerto Princesa.

Meet Toby

I met Toby on my first night in Puerto Princesa at a vegetarian restaurant. He arrived just a few minutes after I did, we started talking, and bam, we're now friends!

The Port of Puerto Princesa

The Bay Around Puerto Princesa

Downtown Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa is a fairly quiet city compared to Manila, but parts of the city feel congested.


Came across these sheep in Puerto Princesa.

Palawan Capitol Building

My first tuk tuk ride

This is the main type of transportation around Puerto Princesa, and they're pretty cheap to use.

New Friends

One of the great things about traveling is meeting other travelers and making new friends from around the world!

Ulugan Bay

We stopped here on our way to the Underground River Tour.

Ulugan Bay

The waters appear so calm. The view gave me complete happiness.

I survived!

This was part of the "up sell" I described in my blog about the Underground River Tour. This was after some cave exploring and climbing.

Ugong Rock

The view from above the caves.

Superman Ziplining

Ziplining is always fun. But if you've never done it like Superman, you haven't lived yet.

Rice Terraces

This was the view from the ziplines.

Boats in Sabang

Wild Monkeys!

That view!

This is the beach you arrive at before taking the Underground River Tour.

Selfie Time!

The Underground River

Traditional Boats

El Nido

El Nido Boats

El Nido

El Nido

El Nido

Big Lagoon

Kayaking in Big Lagoon

El Nido

Sunset in El Nido

Dinner in El Nido

Arriving to my Airbnb in Style.

My hut

The view from my hut

Low Tide Beach


Roads in Port Barton


Port Barton Road

Selfie with my hut

I rented this hut for $16 a night on Airbnb. What an amazing find!

View From Hut

Sunset in Port Barton


Guitar made of flowers

Found this in Cebu City.


Had to take a selfie with this.

My room at Shejoje's.

The first time in a capsule hostel

Salsa Night With New Friends

You know it going to be a good night out with new friends when it starts with buy one get one margaritas!

Cebu City

There's no such thing as a dead end when you can create a basketball court.

New Hostel Friends

Loved hanging with my new friends.

Love this group

I had so much fun with these people!

Mom Acel

One of the best parts about Cebu City. This lady right here.

Mom Acel & Sir "Buang" Jason

I <3 these two.

With My Grab Car Driver Eddie.

Eddie Invited me to stay with him next time I'm in Cebu.

Diniwid Beach in Boracay

Selfie in Boracay

Wind in the hair!

Rainbow in Boracay

Amazing rainbow.

Puka Beach in Boracay

Look at that blue water!

Puka Beach

Truly Paradise.


Need I say anything else.

View from Mt. Luho.

The highest point on Boracay.

Sunset In Boracay


Final Sunset in the Philippines

Taken on White Beach in Boracay.