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       The Philippines was the first stop on my world tour, and the first time I ever stepped foot in Asia. So much could be said about this country.  The scenery is some of the most beautiful I have ever seen, the people are the friendliest, and I absolutely had a great time.


       The goal for the end of my trip is to have this page serve as a resource for anyone who may want to travel to the Philippines as well.

My Itinerary

Did you know?

The Philippines is made upon about 7,500 islands. A little more than 2,000 are inhabited, while roughly 5,000 are unnamed.

August 9: Arrive in Manila at 11am

August 10: Manila

August 11: Manila

August 12: Puerto Princesa

August 13: Puerto Princesa

August 14: Puerto Princesa

August 15: El Nido

August 16: EL Nido

August 17: El Nido

August 18: Port Barton

August 19: Port Barton

August 20: Port Barton

August 21: Puerto Princesa

August 22: Puerto Princesa

August 23: Puerto Princesa

August 24: Puerto Princesa

August 25: Puerto Princesa - Cebu City

August 26: Cebu City

August 27: Cebu City

August 28: Cebu City

August 29: Cebu City

August 30: Boracay

September 1: Boracay

September 2: Boracay

September 3: Boracay

September 4: Boracay

September 5: Depart for Malaysia

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