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Fitting My Life Into A Backpack (or Two)

August 6, 2017

It's kind of a daunting task: narrowing down your life into a backpack. But that's exactly what I have to do if I plan on conquering the world for an unknown amount of time. 


Like most people, I tend to overpack when I go on a weeklong vacation. Packing for just one week can be stressful, so how in the world am I supposed to pack for longer than that. 


Lets play a game of trial and error.  I know that I'm already overpacking for this trip.  I even watched a couple videos to try to help narrow it down.  One video said pick out what you want to bring on a trip, lay it all out, and then get rid of half of it.  It's probably solid advice, but I didn't do that.


I did cut down on a few things though. So lets go over what I have.





I opted for two backpacks.  The first and largest is my Osprey Aether 70 AG EX Pack.  I knew this was the absolute largest sized backpack I wanted to bring.  While it has some awesome features, comfort of course was key.  I wanted something that was lightweight and easy to carry around. The anti-gravity support makes it feel like I'm only carrying 10 pounds.  Now I know I haven't even left the country yet, but I feel like this was a great purchase.  Time will tell. 


My second is a backpack made by LowePro (mine is a few years old, here's a link to their newest backpack similar to mine). This really has been my everyday backpack for the past couple of years.  There's a spot for my laptop, DSLR camera, accessories, and room up top for plenty of other things I may need.  




-4 T-Shirts

-3 Tank-Tops

-Warm Leggings

-Due Dry Hoodie

-Columbia Rain Coat

-7 Pairs of Underwear

-1 Pair of Jeans

-1 Belt

-2 Shorts

-3 Swim Shorts

-3 Pairs of Socks

-Hiking shoes

-Water shoes

-Flip Flops/Sandals

-Reading Glasses


-Baseball Hat




-Toiletry Bag

-Neck Wallet & Passport Holder

-Magic Cooling Towel

-Mircrofiber Travel Towels

-Electrical Outlet Converter

-Electrical & USB Power Box

-Backpack Locks

-First Aid Kit


-OUTAD Waterproof Backpack Rain Cover

-Waterproof bag

-Titanium Spork


Electronics & Gadgets


-MacBook Air

-Sony Headphones

-External Hard Drive

-IPAD Mini

-Nikon D3100

-Nikon A900

-Flexible Tripod

-GoPro Hero 5

-iRig Microphone

-Extra Batteries


So that's pretty much it. In about 6 months, I think I'll reevaluate this list and see what I think of it then. 


Let me know what item you couldn't travel without. 


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