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#FriendsdayWednesday: The Indonesian Food Cart Lady

I’ve said it before, one of my favorite things about traveling is meeting the locals. When I was in Bandung, Indonesia I met this woman. Unfortunately, I don't remember her name. But I remember the few minutes we spent together. She runs a food cart, and actually stopped and insisted I eat food from her cart. I was a little hesitant because I'm vegetarian. I don't necessarily trust the street food to be vegetarian-friendly in most foreign countries. Through the language barrier, I tried explaining my dietary restrictions. I let her cook up her me up a dish with vegetables mixed with peanut sauce. The entire meal cost me $1.04 and was really delicious. She was curious about my life, as I was hers. She looks very shy and coy but she was very talkative and was the one who asked to take a selfie with me.

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