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#FriendsdayWednesday: Joko

Meet Joko, my first Couchsurfing host ever. If you've never heard of CouchSurfing before, let me explain. It's an online community that connects you with locals who can either offer your free accommodations or guides for almost anywhere. Yes, I know it sounds crazy to sleep at a strangers house, but part of my trip was to get outside my comfort zone. And I have to say Joko made my first experience a great one.

Joko offered to let me crash at his place while I was in Kuala Lumpur, Mayalsia. Our personalities meshed really well and were able to have a lot of great laughs. I have to give him props for not only being a great host but a great travel guide. While he did have to work most of the days I was there, he helped me plan out my days with what to see around the city. Even, when I left KL, he was a great resource for other cities in Malaysia.

I know Joko was a little nervous about me being vegetarian, but he was super accommodating. Not only did he make a few meals at home for us, he also took me to some of the local restaurants so I could try the local food. Our bill for one of the meals was a whopping $3.

One day, we met up with a friend Joko had made on CouchSurfing and went to the capital city of Putrajaya. We walked along the streets, explored a beautiful mosque, and watched the sunset from a spectacular bridge.

Joko and I still talk to this day via WhatsApp. If you're ever in Kuala Lumpur and want to try Couchsurfing out, send him a message.

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