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Hotel Review: Xtravelers Place

I booked a last minute flight to Puerto Princesa and then I started to freak out about where I should stay. I wanted something budget friendly, and close to town. I didn’t have any clue where anything was and was trying to take a guess by just looking at Google Maps. When I came across Xtravelers, it was the “view of the water” that sold me. I booked two nights and bam, that was that.

I contacted the hotel to let them know that I was coming and they sent someone to pick me up from the airport when my flight landed.

When I arrived at the hotel, I was greeted by JayAnn. She was super friendly and made me feel right at home. I hadn’t fully checked in yet, and she was already asking me what I wanted to eat for breakfast since it was included in the price. I told her I didn’t eat meat, and she asked a few questions, as do most people trying to clarify my “percentage” of being a vegetarian. She said it was no problem.

There’s no elevator here, so she walked me up to the third floor and there was that “view of the water” I was promised. I was in love already.

The room itself, didn’t have a view of the water, instead it looked out onto the street. It was so quite basic. A bed, dresser, tv, desk, and an attached bathroom. It was just what I needed.

The breakfast JayAnn had talked to me about was a variation of eggs, fruits, veggies and rice each morning.

JayAnn greeted me every morning and even helped book my Underground River Tour. I also ended up staying an extra night and the process to extend my stay was painless.

So would I stay here again? Yes. In fact, I'm writing this during my second stay here.

TIP: I once again booked an extra night and found it was cheaper on than what they were offering me at the check-in desk. Despite showing them, I had to use the app on my phone to book another night, right in front of them. It was still super easy.

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