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Hostel Review: Chillax Flashpackers Hostel in Boracay

Chillax. It has long been one of my favorite words to use when people ask me what I’m doing. A combination of chilling and relaxing. So when I saw there was a Hostel called Chillax, I knew I had to check it out.

With the island being one of hottest tourist destinations in the Philippines, there are lots of places to choose from. Chillax Flashpackers is just beyond White Beach, the largest and primary beach tourists visit. In fact, Chillax is just a 5 minute walk from a much small beach Diniwid. During my visit, the winds made for some pretty crazy waves. I’m told during peak season, the winds come from the other direction and the waves are much calmer (the same for White Beach.)

The hostel itself is fairly new and is built of shipping containers. A pretty neat concept. They are stacked up on top of each other, several stories up. There are only stairs to get to the top, which were a bit steep, especially when you are carrying your life on your back. The top floor is the reception desk, along with a bar/kitchen where they serve both breakfast (included in your stay) and dinner (not included). There’s also a roof top deck on top of that with a pool made from an old dumpster…. So you can literally go dumpster diving. :)

The rooms are clean and modern. The bathroom and shower were probably the nicest I had in all of the Philippines, it felt more like a luxurious resort than it did a hotel.

I had an upset stomach most of my time in Boracay, I think I ate something bad in Cebu City before I arrived, so most of my stay here was, dare I say it: chillaxed.

Would I stay here again? Yes, but I’d also be willing to stay somewhere a little closer to the action of Boracay. It’s only a 20 minute walk along the beach to get there, so it’s not bad. This is a good if you are on a budget and want a little relaxation.

My rating 4 out of 5 stars.

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