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Food Review: Hello Elvis

I noticed this cafe my first night in Ipoh. The name got my attention. I wrote it down on my phone, and looked it up when I got back to my hostel. They served desserts. But these weren’t just any deserts, these looked like gourmet deserts. I knew I had to put it on my list.

I walked in two days later, and immediately had a smile on my face. I looked at the menu which had between a dozen and two dozen items to choose from. They all had pictures, and they all looked amazing. The girl behind the counter told me the 4 most popular choices, but I was still overwhelmed. They all looked good. I tried asking her which one is her favorite, but that seemed to confuse her and the manager came over. She eventually sold me on the Curious Cheeros. It’s apparently their best seller. I got that and a bottle of water and paid $12RM, or about $2.90 USD (Can you believe some of the reviews said this place was overpriced, I think not).

I waited for about 10 minutes as they prepared this gourmet delight. As it was brought out to me, smoke billowed from the cup. This was from dry ice in a second cup underneath the cup holding the ice-cream. I had my choice of between Carmel and Mocha ice-cream. Truth be told, I’m not a fan of either but I chose Carmel, and it wasn’t bad. Toped with nuts and surrounded by 3 delicious warm churros. It was certainly heavenly

The dessert was so good, I had to go back again. And this time, I knew exactly what to get. “Better Than Your Ex.” Ice Cream (this time they had chocolate, with sprinkles, marshmallows drizzled in chocolate, a candy bar, similar to the taste of a Kit-Kat, and nuts at the bottom. So good, and sorry to any ex’s reading this, but in the moment, it was better than any of you! Haha.

If you are in Ipoh, this is a must do!

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